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Collaborative Decision-Making

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Components of Personal Recovery

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Understanding and Measuring Outcomes in Recovery-Oriented Care

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Cognition and Cognitive Training 

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Diversity and Social Justice Training

Treichler, E. B. H., Crawford, J. N., Higdon, A., & Backhaus, A. (2020). Diversity training at the postdoctoral level: Scoping review and development of a new assessment. Training and Education in Professional Psychology. 14(2), 126–137. [PDF]

Recovery Oriented Interventions

Ehret, B. C., Treichler, E. B., Ehret, P. J., Chalker, S. A., Depp, C. A., & Perivoliotis, D. (2021). Designed and created for a veteran by a veteran: a pilot study of caring cards for suicide prevention. Suicide and Life‐Threatening Behavior, 51(5), 872-881. [PDF]

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