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Rite of passage: White Coat Ceremony August, 2023

Elijah Sosa, a fellow student researcher in the Collab Lab, attended UCI’s annual White Coat Ceremony on August 4th. Officially a member of the UCI School of Medicine class of 2027, this marks Elijah's first white coat ceremony as he begins his medical school journey with aspirations of becoming either a psychiatrist or a family medicine doctor. He comments: "This day represents all the hard work we did as undergraduates. Tonight means we’re getting to be what we want to be. We’re finally on our way to being a doctor.” Congratulations to Elijah! UCI News.

Positive Psychiatry: A New Way to Approach Mental Health March, 2021

Dr. Treichler and Dr. Jeste describe positive psychiatry and different elements of a population recovery model that can be used to improve wellness for those with serious mental illness (SMI). Psychology Today

The Gut-Brain Connection January, 2021

Dr. Treichler and Dr. Jeste have Dr. Tanya Nguyen as a guest blogger. They explain the microbiome, its connection to mental health, and strategies to nourish a healthy brain and body. Psychology Today

2020 PASS SIG Outstanding Student Research Award November, 2020

Robert Mercado was awarded the 2020 PASS SIG Outstanding Student Research Award for his poster presentation "Person-First Language, Identity-First Language and their Effect on People with Serious Mental Illness: A Scoping Study" [PDF]. Psychosis & Schizophrenia Spectrum Special Interest Group (PASS SIG) awards a student or post-undergraduate researcher with the award during the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT) convention. Robert was one of two researchers to win this award.

Making 2021 the Year of Wisdom November, 2020

Dr. Treichler and Dr. Jeste discuss wisdom as a trait and describe ways to incorporate practical wisdom in everyday life. Psychology Today

Transforming Our Lonely and Stressed-Out Global Community September, 2020

Dr. Treichler and Dr. Jeste discuss strategies to improve and create social connections when feelings of loneliness and stress are increasing. Psychology Today

Coping with Depression During the Pandemic June, 2020

Dr. Emily Treichler delivers webinar (link here) discussing exercises to cope with depression during the pandemic. 

Resilience in a Time of National and Personal Tragedy June, 2020

Dr. Treichler and Dr. Jeste describe methods to improve resilience using components from the Raise Your Resilience (RYR) intervention. Psychology Today

Bringing Practical Wisdom Into Your Life in the COVID-19 Era May, 2020

Dr. Treichler and Dr. Jeste discuss strategies that promote physical and mental wellness in a time where social-distancing measures are taken. Psychology Today

Novel Intervention in Senior Housing Communities Increases Resilience and Wisdom February, 2020

Dr. Treichler's co-authors, Dr. Jeste and Danielle Glorioso, give an interview highlighting the innovative features of the RYR intervention, including training unlicensed staff who already work where seniors live to provide it. UC San Diego News Center

Belmont Village Senior Living Residents take part in groundbreaking "Raise Your Resilience" Study February, 2020

Belmont Senior Living Founder and CEO Patricia Will describes the impact of the RYR study (which Dr. Treichler first-authored) on seniors at Belmont. RYR study found increases in resilience and wisdom and lowered daily stress levels experienced by seniors. Belmont Village

2018 Leading Research Achievements December, 2018

The Top Advancement and Breakthrough of 2018 is presented to Gregory A. Light Ph.D. and his study team. Brain & Behavior

Computer-Delivered Cognitive Training Significantly Helped Schizophrenia Patients in Rehab Setting October, 2018

The Targeted Cognitive Training (TCT) study (which Dr. Treichler is a co-author) produced improvements in auditory perception and verbal learning in people with schizophrenia. Participants who had TCT also showed a reduction in auditory hallucinations. Brain & Behavior 

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